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 Vehicle Servicing

No-one wishes to spend their hard-earned money on costly repairs or breakdown recovery, and regular car servicing is one way to help prevent that. Unlike the MOT, the service involves a more in-depth check of components and allows our mechanics to look closely into the brakes, clutch, exhaust, engine, and electrical systems, to firstly raise any issues that could result in a failed MOT and also highlight any minor problems that may be worth attention, to extend your vehicle's lifespan. In addition to potentially saving time and money, a complete service history can also become beneficial when selling your car in the future. This is normally something that prospective car buyers look for and it gives the impression of a well-looked after car.  

Trust, reliability and efficiency

Our trusted team will make sure that your vehicle is up to the DVLA standard before it leaves our workshop. We will communicate with you and give you the best help and guidance when needed. Our state of the art equipment ensures all aspects of the vehicle service is  safe and efficient


"Brilliant service. My 2002 horse lorry failed on emissions due to the new law which came in last year, it needed to be 1.02 emissions as stated on the plate. A different garage couldn't find anything mechanically wrong causing this or give a solution to the problem after having it for a couple months. Patrick had the lorry with him for less than 2 weeks - the lorry has now passed with 0.06 emissions. Thanks to Patrick coming up with a solution to the problem, my lorry is back on the road. If I had listened to the other garage and given up, I would have lost a perfectly good lorry.  Patrick made my day when I had the phone call to say my lorry had passed. He fitted this new system to it and saved me losing my lorry.  I'm now off to horse shows again. Thank you so much. I recommend Patrick and his team to everyone."

-S Parker, Facebook

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